Announcing our new Exclusive Partnership with Gesign, offering complete banquet solutions for all your needs!

We are happy to announce that Hotelity is now officially the exclusive distributor for all Gesign products in the Middle East. Gesign offers a complete range of products ranging from Service Trolleys, Party Equipment like buffet tables, mobile bars, LED furniture and coffee cabinets, to Banquet Furniture encompassing chairs, partitions, meeting and stage equipments. Alongside bespoke cooking stations by Wild Magma and buffetware items from Athena, Axum, Emile Henry and Mixed Elements we cover all aspects of banqueting.

Interview with Chef Stephane Buchholzer – Culinary Director, St. Regis, W-Hotel, and Westin

Hotelity has been excited by the launch of HLab and since its opening to the public we have had a range of industry professionals come through to get creative with their concepts. But yes, we do understand our opinion can be (slightly) biased when we explain how great of an idea HLab is! So with that we welcomed Complex Culinary Director, Chef Stephane Buchholzer to ask him a few questions about his favorite things about Hotelity and HLab!

Chef Stephane, when looking for items to purchase for your kitchens and restaurants, what are the most important features to you? It is important to see the products in action or set up first hand as this gives a better idea of the product, including the look, feel, and quality of them.

So what do you feel are the key deciding factors when purchasing from a supplier? As Complex Culinary Director for esteemed hotel brands, when I am looking to purchase items, the quality and how they will work with the restaurant concept are important. Pricing is also a deciding factor.

What do you look for when you visit a showroom? When I visit a showroom I look for well displayed items that showcase the products properly and if I am able to see them in a live action setting.

How did HLab differ from other showrooms? The live action setting was a huge highlight as it was helpful to touch the products and see how they would look in a similar situation to the hotels. Being able to move things around also meant I could see how different items worked together.

Having worked with Hotelity and purchased a range of brands from us, what do you like most about our products? Your products are interesting and different from others on the market while having a good price point.

What if your favorite brand that we supply? Hotelity supply a range of great products but I have to say Mauviel and Athena are my favorite due to their versatility and quality.

Would you suggest to someone to come to HLab? Yes, it has a great range of brands and styles available for people to play around with and is an ideal setting for creating concepts.

Interested in trying out HLab for yourself? Please contact us today on 042247373 or to schedule an appointment!

Hotelity creates interactive showroom for HoReCa industry in Dubai

Hotelity is excited to announce the launch of our HLab, a place where hospitality professionals can come to Discover products that Inspire them to Create desired concepts. With the opportunity to design the ideal table setting, buffet area, and room interiors through the use of the many products available at Hotelity, guests are able to move items around as they bring their ideas to life.

The concept of HLab is to be a hospitality playground, with the unique opportunity on how and what the hospitality professionals use to create their desired look. With this idea, it allows them to design their perfect concept and better see what works together for use in their hotel, catering or restaurant.

“We are excited about the opportunity to provide hospitality professionals with creative license on how they wish to design interiors and allowing them to play around with different concepts, “ explains Roy S, Managing Director of Hotelity. “It is a unique experience but one that Hotelity believes is the way forward for our industry.”